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Some London attractions see their worst year ever

LONDON, England - The wet summer put a damper on visitor numbers to top London tourist attractions with some sites having their worst year ever, according to latest figures.

Suddenly Denmark feels like most happening place on the planet

It's a tiny country of 5½ million people, but suddenly Denmark feels like the most happening place on the planet.

Eight hotels worth seeing

Check in to any nice hotel, and the concierge will be more than happy to recommend or reserve a tour of the area.

New architectural marvels worth a trip

The Pyramids. The Eiffel Tower. The Taj Mahal. The Colosseum. Massive architectural marvels from times past, they are often stopping points on a tourist's journey.

Touring most majestic homes and gardens in US

From a Revolution-era plantation in Charleston, South Carolina, to Frank Lloyd Wright's sleek Arizona compound, here's a guide to the country's most majestic historic homes -- and the must-see gardens

Suspect in terror attacks on Bangkok tourist sites detained

BANGKOK, Thailand - Thai authorities detained a Swedish-Lebanese man suspected of attempting to attack tourist sites in Bangkok and said they were "disappointed" the US warned its citizens of a possib

35 tourist sites to be developed during India’s 12th Plan

MANGALORE, India - India's Ministry of Tourism plans to develop 35 destinations in the country during the 12th Plan.

Dominican Republic’s luxuries sparkle in 2011 rankings

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Dominican Republic is a favorite getaway for those seeking exciting culture, delicious gastronomy, pulse-pounding merengue, effervescent nightlife and the world's top resorts.

15 free things to do in Tokyo

Tokyo has a reputation as an expensive city, but it offers a wide range of options for even the most budget-conscious traveller. Here is a list of great free things to do in Japan’s capital.

Music tourism adds £1.4 billion to UK economy

Summer festivals and concerts may mostly be about sex, drugs and rock'n'roll, but they also inject millions of pounds into the economy, employ thousands of people and make the UK a hot destination des

Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities executes 8 tourism projects in...

The Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) started the implementation of eight projects to develop tourist sites in Tabuk, in an effort to support other projects implemented by municipali

Greece to spend 520 million euros on tourism upgrades

Greece’s government plans to spend as much as 520 million euros ($640 million) to upgrade tourist sites and hotels as it struggles to compete with Turkey and Egypt, the Financial Times Deutschland r

Police told to stop questioning people for taking pictures of tourist...

Police are under strict orders to stop using anti-terror legislation to question and search innocent photographers, after senior officers admitted widespread misuse of the controversial laws.

Top DC tourist sites ruined by Dan Brown

First he came for Rome, and no one was particularly worried. Then he came for Paris, and only the French were upset.

Israel ‘using tourist sites to assert control over East Jerusalem’

Israel is quietly extending its control over East Jerusalem in alliance with rightwing Jewish settler groups, by developing parks and tourist sites that would bring a "drastic change of the status quo

Taiwanese officials urge Falun Gong to leave Chinese tourist sites, sect...

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Falun Gong followers said Wednesday they will keep promoting their movement at Taiwanese sites popular with tourists from China, where the sect is banned, despite official requests fo

Tourist sites, maps go bilingual in pre-Olympics Beijing

BEIJING - China for the convenient of international tourists who will visit during Beijing Olympic Games has published for free distribution the bilingual maps explaining tourist sites.The Beijing municipal government also launched a campaign on Saturday to erect bilingual signboards at the city’s 324 major tourist spots.

Bombing of Sinai tourist site feared

Security forces have set up roadblocks and checkpoints in Sinai following reports that two terrorists plan to bomb a tourist site in the region. Egyptian intelligence reported that the two entered Egypt from Sudan and were traveling in a truck packed with explosives.