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Traveling abroad? Don’t make yourself a target by sticking out as...

Going to travel abroad? Here's a tip: Blend. Don't stick out as a tourist because it's like wearing a "Mug me!" sign, travel experts say.

Criminals target cash-rich Chinese tourists in Paris

A sharp increase in robberies of Chinese tourists in Paris has prompted calls for the French government to step up security and for shoppers to use credit cards instead of carrying large amounts of ca

Hollande: Chinese tourists are safe in France

French President Francois Hollande on Thursday said France welcomes all Chinese tourists and promised they will be safe.

Sri Lanka’s police starts tracking foreign tourists to “ensure their safety”

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — Sri Lanka's police have begun keeping track of foreign tourists to "ensure their own safety", officials announced on Monday.

Goa Tourism announces strict measures to ensure tourist safety

MUMBAI, India - In the aftermath of multiple incidents involving crimes against tourists in the state and travel advisories issued by multiple countries against India, the Department of Tourism, Gover

Phuket police chief asks for help to reduce number of crimes...

PHUKET, Thailand - The chief of police in Phuket, Thailand, has asked for help to reduce the number of serious crimes against visitors in the popular beach resort.

Minister: Live webcams in tourist hotspots to prove Egypt is safe

Egypt's tourism minister plans to install live webcams in holiday hotspots to prove the country's industry remains healthy.

Vietnam bans construction of unsafe wooden tourist boats

Building new wooden tour boats equipped with sleeping cabins will be forbidden starting from May 1, 2013 in an effort to ensure tourists’ safety after some boat sinking accidents in 2011.

Zanzibar again descends into sectarian violence

(eTN) - A further outbreak of sectarian violence was reported late yesterday from the Spice Island of Zanzibar, leaving tourism stakeholders exasperated once again.

Bali hotels on high alert after terrorist attacks in Solo

BALI, Indonesia - Following terrorist attacks in Solo (Surakarta), Central Java, early last week, Bali is on high alert to assure the world that the island is safe.

Australia, Britain and France issue travel advisories due to Kenyan riots

The Kenyan tourism sector is at crossroads yet again following insecurity incidents at the Kenyan coast long regarded as the country's bastion of tourism activities.

Laos clamping down on drugs and dangerous watersports in Vang Vieng

Laos is reportedly clamping down on illegal drugs and dangerous watersports in Vang Vieng, a popular tourist destination on the Xong River.

KTB: Kenya remains safe for tourists

NAIROBI, Kenya — The tourism sector now wants speedy investigations into Monday's explosion at Assanands House on Moi Avenue in Nairobi, to avoid speculation that may scare away tourists.

Costa Rica beefs up tourist security for upcoming high season

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica - The Tourist Police Force of the Ministry of Public Security (MSP) is preparing its operations plan to increase tourist safety in all their locations during the coming high seas

Balala to market Kenya as safe destination at tourism forum

Tourism Minister Najib Balala is expected to market Kenya as a safe tourist destination at the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) conference in Geonjiu City, South Korea.

eTN Inbox: Tibet is safe

Namaste! Greeting from the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal!