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Bengal to introduce tourist police

KOLKATA, India - The West Bengal Government plans to introduce a special police force for tourist destinations in the State soon. According to Krishnendu N.

Minister: Tourism Police understaffed, not able to enforce new smoking ban

BEIRUT, Lebanon - Tourism Minister Fadi Abboud warned Tuesday that the ranks of the Tourism Police are severely understaffed, and he may not have enough officers to enforce the new smoking ban that go

Deoghar to introduce tourist police

RANCHI, India - Horror stories of visitors and even local people at Deoghar, the world famous Shiva temple, are well known.

Costa Rica beefs up tourist security for upcoming high season

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica - The Tourist Police Force of the Ministry of Public Security (MSP) is preparing its operations plan to increase tourist safety in all their locations during the coming high seas

All-female tourist police to protect visitors in Acapulco

A help-wanted ad in the Mexican Pacific state of Guerrero is drawing rebuke from some women's rights groups.In effect, the ad says:

Kolkata to launch 100 man strong tourist police force

KOLKATA - How many times have you felt deeply frustrated after being heckled and harassed by taxi drivers and touts on landing in the city?

Philippines to deploy more tourist police

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine National Police (PNP) is eyeing the deployment of more policemen in the top 14 tourist destinations in the country, saying making the foreigners feel safe and se

Thai Tourist Police dance video is a mega-hit on YouTube

Chiang Mai - A Tourist Police troupe dancing to the Korean pop song "Sorry Sorry" by the Super Junior boy band has become a mega-hit on YouTube.

Misezhnikov: “We should have a tourist police”

The vandalization of Avdat National Park Sunday has called attention to the Nature and National Parks Service's struggle against the destruction of other heritage sites in Israel.

Bangladesh creates tourist police

DHAKA - Bangladesh has formed a new police unit to ensure more protection for local and foreign tourists and tourism spots in the South Asian country, a senior spokesman of Bangladesh Police said on S

Prague cops set up special unit for tourists

Prague is to install a team of police officers in the city's main tourist areas. The team will guard the main tourist vein cutting through the center of Prague.

Algeria to deploy 1,000 officers to protect tourism sites

In order to protect the country’s tourism beaches and to increase road safety, a new police unit is being established in Algeria, local media is quoting Algerian Public Security Chief Commander Muha