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Chinese tourists put Russia in top three most popular European travel...

China’s largest travel company, Ctrip, says that Russia was in the top three (after the United Kingdom and France) most popular European travel destinations...

Island trips for Chinese tourists on course for sustained growth

Being spot on with what island tours have to offer is important as tourists perceive certain destinations, for instance ones in the South-east Asia,...

Main border crossing between North Korea and China closed to tourists

DANDONG, China - Main border crossing between North Korea and China has been closed to tourist groups, a Chinese official has said as nuclear tensions mounted, but business travel was still allowed.

UK travel agency offers package war zone tours to Libya

TRIPOLI, Libya - Picture a package holiday and a destination like Libya probably doesn't spring to mind.

Tourism industry urges maintenance of high standards

Representatives from Taiwan’s tourism sector yesterday asked travel agencies to follow strict self-regulation when dealing with tour groups from China, saying that they must not charge Chinese touri
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