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Nepal Tourism achieves new milestone: More than a million visitor arrivals

The month of November 2018 witnessed a historic moment with a phenomenal growth trend in international tourist arrivals to Nepal.

What animal is so big, it got its own Travel Mart?

A new event seeks to raise awareness of growing global interest in ecotourism and at the same time, create opportunities that benefit this mammal, the environment and local communities.

Taiwan hoping to capitalize on growing number of foreign tourists

TAIPEI, Taiwan - The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) is planning to convert selected tourist factories around Taiwan into destinations for foreign visitors, hoping to capitalize on the growing num

Top 10 fastest-growing European travel destinations

The UK's tourism industry has had a boost after four UK cities made it onto a list of Europe's top 10 fastest-growing tourist destinations.

Vietnam’s tourism short on toilets

The number of public restrooms at tourist destinations in Viet Nam only meets about 30 per cent of demand, which is believed to leave a bad impression on tourists and cause environmental problems.

Perfect destinations: myth or reality?

(eTN) - It is a question that has been asked several times over, by visitors as well as national tourist bodies governing destinations, across the world. What makes a destination perfect?

Adding spice to Goa’s monsoon tourism

Now you can 'spice' up your trip to Goa in the monsoons - not by going to a beach but by heading for a spice farm instead.

Poland wants stronger tourism ties with Jordan

WARSAW - Poland seeks to strengthen ties with Jordan in the tourism sector and promote tourist destinations in both countries, according to a Polish official.

Philippines to deploy more tourist police

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine National Police (PNP) is eyeing the deployment of more policemen in the top 14 tourist destinations in the country, saying making the foreigners feel safe and se

Air China launches new routes to popular tourist destinations

BEIJING - Air China has launched several new routes for the late summer and autumn seasons, giving further options to customers who plan on travelling over the coming months.

Russian airline Transaero launches new service to Varadero, Cuba

HAVANA - A Boeing 767 from the Russian Airline "Transaero" carrying 200 passengers on Monday arrived at the Varadero Airport, 250 km east from Havana, a Cuba's tourism official said on Monday.

Even most popular tourist locations have their ugly sides

Some of the most famous cities in the world have some dark secrets you won't be able to read about in tourism guidebooks.

Three out of top five UK destinations for foreign tourists are...

Foreign tourists love Scotland so much that three of Scots cities have been ranked among the top five UK destinations.

China: Imbuing tourist destinations with “cultural” content

JINAN - Tourists to a sacred mountain in east China's Shandong Province have a new attraction to see - a lights and drama extravaganza featuring China's largest LED screen.

Miami and Fort Lauderdale are among top 20 US tourist destinations

Miami ranked No. 8 and Fort Lauderdale was No. 19 on the list of most popular U.S. destinations for domestic and international travels, according to the Hotels.com Hotel Price Index.

Five tourist destinations that global warming could destroy

Global warming could have a devastating impact on some popular vacation spots, according to Bob Henson, a writer at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, and author

Philippines among the world’s most desired destinations

MANILA, Philippines - World’s best beaches, traditional hilot, Western-oriented hospitality services, crafts and arts, nature and food at reasonable prices are among the reasons Philippines is now one of the most-desired destinations worldwide.
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