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Abu Dhabi tourism prepares for summer campaign

More than 80 representatives from Abu Dhabi’s tourism industry gathered at the five-star The Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort and Spa today to put the final touches on Summer in Abu Dhabi - the emirate

UK: Come on tourists, British weather not THAT bad

British government is to use the UK's most changeable feature to promote the country by trying to convince visitors the weather is not as bad as people think, it was claimed.

Florida tourism to governor: BP or no BP, the money is...

Florida tourism industry says it needs more than $34.7 million from the state right now to prove Florida beaches are unsullied by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Top attractions, hotels unite to promote Hollywood to out-of-town tourists

A coalition of Hollywood tourism boosters plans to kick off a promotional campaign Tuesday to draw visitors to celebrate several milestones and attraction openings taking place in 2010.

Falkland Islands tourism campaign launched in UK

The Falkland Islands Tourist Board has launched an innovative marketing campaign in the UK this week, to help protect the islands from the impact of the economic recession.