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Seychelles celebrates Tourism week with annual fair

Every year for Tourism Week, the Seychelles Tourism Board organizes a Tourism Fair, which brings together a number of committed players directly in the industry or supporting bodies of the industry to

President of Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands sends tourism message

On this important day marked by each and every country which considers tourism as a key industry, it is important to appeal to the six islands of the Indian Ocean Vanilla islands to commit even more t

Tourism Week in Seychelles a grand celebration

The Celebrate Seychelles Events Department at the Tourism Board has launched their program for Tourism Week 2012.

Reopening of Creole restaurant in Seychelles kicks off tourism week

To mark Tourism Day 2011, the Seychelles Tourism Board has put in place a week-long activity, which was launched by the reopening of the typical Creole "Cap Lazare" Restaurant.

Seychelles will celebrate World Tourism Day all week long

The tropical islands of the Seychelles has just issued their 2011 Tourism Week program, which shows that these islands remain committed to the call made by the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) fo

New research to reveal why 2012 tourism business is running away...

At the start of British Tourism Week, the European Tour Operators Association (ETOA) will reveal new research that will explain why tourism is running away from the UK rather than towards it.