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St. Kitts to host major tourism conference

The St. Kitts Tourism Authority and the Government of St.

Sauti za Busara biggest event for Zanzibar tourism

(eTN) - Zanzibar’s globally-renowned music and culture festival, Sauti za Busara, is finally getting the official recognition it has always deserved, when official tourism sources announced that a s

Kenya airlines and tourism stakeholders say no to extra fee

(eTN) - The coming into effect of the new Kenya Tourism Bill last week, when President Kibaki made it law by putting his signature to it, will also usher in an era of additional public bodies to be cr

Kenya’s tourism stakeholders demand peace from government

(eTN) - The current series of wrangles, spits, and spats in the Kenyan government over new appointments and a range of other issues, following the introduction of a new constitution last year, has not

Tourism news: Tanzania tourism confederation meets new minister

(eTN) - The apex body of Tanzania’s tourism sector associations, including among them the tour operators association, the hotel association, the air operators association, the travel agents associat