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Using your police department and first responders to promote your city,...

The tragic and recent school shootings in the US have underlined once again the fact that too many people see police departments and other forms of security as adding nothing to the bottom line.

Tourism security as a marketing tool

Tourism security professionals and managers often (and justly) complain that they are considered expendable due to the fact that the other parts of the tourism industry perceive them as adding nothing

Disappearing travelers

This article is not a review of a destination that has lost track of its core marketing strategies or a switch of consumer loyalty from one resort to another.

Terrorist attack at Moscow airport is a brutal wake up call

(eTN) - The terrorist blast which occurred at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport on the evening of January 24 is one of the most deadly attacks at a civil airport in many years.

ITB: Looking through the rear view mirror

The ITB Berlin, the world's largest travel trade exhibition, could be characterized as "boot camp" for hospitality, travel and tourism executives.

Wrapping-up 2008

Many travel and tourism professionals may well be happy to say adieu to the year 2008.

Successful parades

Parades may have existed since the beginning of history. Not only are they one of the original tourism attractions, but also they seem to touch something deep in the human soul.

eTN Inbox: Tibet is safe

Namaste! Greeting from the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal!