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ICTP urges President Obama’s tourism policy to include the poor countries...

HAWAII & BRUSSELS: It is right to welcome President Obama’s new support for the tourism sector and to congratulate Roger Dow and the US travel and tourism industry for their brilliant repositioning

Hill station conservation policy needed for India

(eTN) - Getting away from crowds doesn’t always happen when visiting Indian hill stations, especially during vacations.

ETOA responds to new UK government tourism policy

The European Tour Operators Association (ETOA) broadly welcomed the new tourism policy, released today by the Tourism Minister.

European tour operators welcome new UK tourism policy

European Tour Operators Association (ETOA) broadly welcomes the new tourism policy, released today by the Tourism Minister.

International tourism forum to debate role of public sector in tourism...

The global economic crisis has opened up important opportunities for the tourism sector, but capitalizing on these requires a better understanding of the various governance roles within national touri

New tourism law/policy for Kenya

It was reported from Nairobi that the Kenyan government has apparently agreed on the text of a new tourism law, which will, when passed and made operational, provide for the formation of new bodies.

Nepal brings new policy to promote tourism industry

KATHMANDU - The Nepali government has brought new tourism policy to promote tourism industry, The Himalayan Times reports.

Southern Sudan implements new tourism policy

Following final stakeholder consultations over the past several days, in which a panel of experts - drawn from the public and private sector, academia, non-governmental organizations, and development

The tourists are there, but where is the policy?

Tony and Maureen Wheeler, creators and publishers of the Lonely Planet guidebooks, which are known as "the backpacker's bible," attracted a lot of attention during their recent visit.While the couple talked about the many experiences gained on their journeys, many people were more curious to find out what tourists find special about Taiwan.