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Cape Town to showcase what the city has to offer at...

“Cape Town is famed for its natural beauty and that’s one of our biggest draw-cards.

First registrations for Bit 2013 from big tourism hitters

MILAN, Italy - Leaving the uncertain summer behind (in August, drop in presences kept down to 1.1% thanks to a 2.1% increase from abroad), the tourism industry now looks to the future.

Getting ready for major tourism events

This summer, much of the world's eyes will be on London, England, and the Summer Olympic Games. Perhaps the world premier sporting event begins on July 27 and continues until August 12.

Research confirms Hosted Buyer appointments could jump 10 percent at EIBTM...

Reed Travel Exhibitions (RTE) is now set to make changes to its Pre-Scheduled Appointment system and has announced that it will increase the number of matched appointments from 6 to 7 per day of atten

Otdykh LEISURE and My Planet Travel Awards Announce Partnership

Otdykh LEISURE, Russia’s most important autumn tourism event, and the My Planet Travel Awards ( www.myplanetawards.com ) have agreed to join forces as partners, thereby cementing the third week of S