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ASEAN Tourism Forum sees senior officials come together from 10 nations

The ASEAN Tourism Forum 2019 is currently taking place in Ha Long City, in the northern province of Quảng Ninh in Vietnam

Heritage hotels: building a future by preserving the past

Ancient cobblestones, smoothed and rounded with the passing of time, stretch up over the hill to a place far beyond where the eye can see.

Local markets: mirrors of destination diversity and delight

“Go there. Best food and safe to eat. You have water? Buy water. Souvenirs that way – silk, nice, nice price. But no pay full price. Bargaining good. I meet you here, two hours. Don’t forget.

Waterfronts: tourism treasure chests

Tourist waterfront developments – tourist traps or true to place? Exclusive or for everyone? Icons or eyesores?

New ideas for marketing your brand

One of the current buzzwords in tourism marketing is branding. Its relationship to social media and to marketing is something often discusses at tourism seminars and conferences.

New Silk Roads: diminishing the original Silk Road?

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (eTN) – The nostalgic Silk Road that actually started the travel and tourism industry in the world is facing a crises of identity.

One global force for one billion

THE POWER OF ONE What does it take to move one billion people across our world, as a force of good to change our world?

Customs and codes: the importance of knowing before going

MAKING AN ENTRY They would be on the ground in Tokyo for just 40 hours. They were ready for a signature, and had flown 10 hours to get it. Proposal packs were exact to

Meritus Hotels and Resorts’ 2011 sales mission opens in Hong Kong

SINGAPORE – Following a global brand push initiated for Meritus Hotels & Resorts in November 2010, representatives from the sales and senior management teams of Singapore’s icon hospitality group

Tanzania Tourist Board presents new branding and slogans

(eTN) - The Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) is expected to launch a new logo and branding for Tanzania tourism today, when presenting to the tourism industry - a wide section of stakeholders and the gene
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