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ETOA and Athens collaborate to boost tourism

The European Tour Operators Association (ETOA) and the city of Athens are joining forces to stimulate tourism to the capital of Greece, often referred to as the ‘cradle of Western civilization’.

Richard III could provide king’s ransom for Leicester tourism

Richard III could provide a king’s ransom for Leicester with an estimated £140 million tourism boost.

Irish hoteliers demand government action to “reinvigorate” tourism

DUBLIN, Ireland - The body representing the Irish hotel trade has called for greater action to “reinvigorate” tourism from Britain, saying current government targets do not show enough ambition.

Big-spending Russians boost Spain’s tourism industry

MADRID, Spain - Big-spending Russian tourists are flocking to Spain's beaches and famous landmarks in ever greater numbers, providing a much-needed boost to the recession-hit country's key tourism ind

China and Nepal sign pact to jointly boost tourism

LHASA, Tibet - Tourism officials from China and Nepal signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on Tuesday to jointly boost tourism between the two countries.

UK tourism gets boost from Paralympic Games

People coming to London to watch the Paralympic Games helped boost UK tourism numbers, figures show.

Dubai launches water taxi tourist trips

DUBAI, UAE - In a bid to boost tourism along the city’s waterfront, four water taxi tourist trips to and from Jumeirah Open Beach Station have been launched by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA

50 percent boost in Scottish tourism not going to happen

A target for a 50% boost in Scotland's tourism industry by 2016 cannot be met, the Scottish Parliament's economy committee has warned.

Obamas visit to benefit Mani Bhavan tourism

US President Barack Obama is the first high-profile international visitor to set foot in the Mani Bhavan Gandhi Sangrahalaya in the last 50 years and the museum authorities say his visit filled life i

Olympic tourism boom for London in doubt

New reports have now come forward that are putting the big tourism boost that was expected from the Olympics in doubt.