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Tanzania appoints three Goodwill Tourism Ambassadors in the United States

TANZANIA (eTN) - In an effort to promote Tanzania as an African tourist destination in the United States, the Tanzanian Minister for Tourism, Mr.

Tourism Ambassadors for Seychelles strategize plans

Melton Ernesta, based in Jamaica, and Maryvonne Pool, who is based in Tanzania, met this week in Dar es Salam, Tanzania, to strategize together plans for supporting actions by the island’s Tourism A

Seychellois spread their love of the islands around the world

The Seychelles Tourism Board has wasted no time in 2012 to get their Tourism Ambassadors positioned in the four corners of the world updated on the latest developments in their native country and abou

Seychelles supports Hawaii’s move to engagage tourism ambassadors

The Seychelles Tourism Board has applauded the Hawaii Tourism Association (HiTA) in its move to appoint tourism ambassadors.

Colombia explores Hawaii as a new travel destination

HONOLULU, Hawaii - The Hawaii Tourism Association (HiTA) today appointed Jorge Gonzales Carling and Juliana Osorio Valencia as their new and first tourism ambassadors from Colombia.

Tourism Ambassadors promote Seychelles to the world

The Seychelles Tourism Board is maintaining its dynamic approach of keeping the world informed of the positive developments taking place in their country.

Seychelles nominates ten new tourism ambassadors

Seychelles has welcomed a new group of ten Tourism Ambassadors, bringing the total to 103 Seychellois nationals overseas in this program.

United Kingdom and Seychelles move with an innovative approach

SEYCHELLES - The recent announcement by Mr.