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Another tough year for Alaskan tourist industry

SEATTLE — As the Alaska cruise season starts, Seattle's happy. Vancouver isn't. Alaska, yikes.

Sun Resorts says tourism outlook tough

PORT LOUIS - Mauritian luxury hotel group Sun Resorts Limited SUNR.MZ said intense competition in the the palm-fringed island's key tourism industry was forcing operators to cut prices, and the outloo

Tourism states reconsider advertising budget in tough economic times

A struggling economy has state governments considering whether advertising a luxury or a necessity.

WTM chairman: Tough year ahead for global travel industry

LONDON - The global travel and tourism industry is an incredible force to be reckoned with regardless of what the financial tsunami decides to throw at it, Fiona Jeffery, chairman of World Travel Mark

Greek tourism faces tough ’08 on strong Euro, slow growth

ATHENS - Greece's tourism industry faces a tough 2008 as the strong euro and a slowdown in the global economy threatens to curtail the number of tourist arrivals this year, the head of an industry group said Thursday.