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Rains hit East Africa with a vengeance

Following the devastating rainstorms which lashed Mauritius last Friday, reports are coming in from across East Africa of loss of property and lives caused by torrential rains.

Torrential rains bring air traffic in Mwanza to a halt

(eTN) - Rains of biblical proportions hit the lake side municipality of Mwanza late Sunday into Monday, forcing the airport management of Mwanza International Airport in Tanzania to eventually cancel

Toll from Pakistani rains mounts as flooding spreads

The toll from torrential rains in Pakistan is mounting, with 230 people killed, more than 300,000 others displaced and 1.1 million homes destroyed or damaged as flooding has inundated 4.5 million acre

Torrential rains sweep away bridge to Kidepo Park

UGANDA (eTN) - The present torrential rains in parts of North Eastern Uganda, which already claimed dozens of lives last week when another mudslide coming down the slopes of Mt.

Torrential rains flood Jinggangshan – center of Chinese “red tourism”

NANCHANG - Torrential rains have lashed the mountainous city of Jinggangshan, known as the cradle of the Chinese Communist revolution, in east China's Jiangxi Province, flooding the streets with knee-

Samburu Park flooded, tourists safe

The torrential rains presently sweeping the East African region have now found another ‘outlet’ to cause disaster.