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Vietnam’s tourism short on toilets

The number of public restrooms at tourist destinations in Viet Nam only meets about 30 per cent of demand, which is believed to leave a bad impression on tourists and cause environmental problems.

The letter T in travel and tourism

Last week my mind’s eye took on a story I read in the newspapers and also viewed on TV news the same night. Transport Minister Kumara Welgama had become a commuter by train.

Aviation news: Standing room “seats” coming to Ryanair

Budget airline Ryanair is planning to sell tickets for as little as $6 — if you're willing to stand.

The next airline fee: Pay toilets?

The next time you need a restroom at 35,000 feet, better hope you have some change in your pocket.

Pay virtually and pee virtuously in Venice

Venice, Italy - Venice wants to make itself an easier place to go, so it is launching an online service to allow visitors to pre-pay for access to public toilets with the click of a mouse.

Tourist toilets clean up Nigeria

A new range of public toilets has been launched in Nigeria in a bid to clean up the country for tourists.The toilets will be stationed at markets, public transport hubs and mobile ones used for festivals.At 20 naira ($0.16) for each visit, the Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation hopes the promise of "money for muck" will create thousands of jobs.