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Indian tiger reserves may ban tourists

India's Supreme Court is to decide, based on a recent petition, whether to accept proposals to shift tourists to "fringe" or "buffer zones" outside core tiger habitats in order to protect the endanger

Nagpur to become capital of tiger tourism

The Maharashtra government is proposing to tag Nagpur as the ‘tiger capital’ of the state to gain more visitors as it gears up to promote the state on India’s tourist map.

India restricts tourists to save its last tigers

Tourists are to be banned from the heartlands of the 37 national tiger reserves in India amid fears that their presence is hastening the demise of an increasingly endangered species.

India to spend $13.15M to protect tigers

NEW DELHI - The Indian government plans to spend more than $13 million establishing a special ranger force to protect the country's endangered tigers, following pressure from international conservationists to save the wild cats.