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Ditch the snow already! Spring into adventure travel

  With the weather slowly… very slowly… warming up around most of the USA, spring is finally just around the corner. It is the perfect...

China tells Mt Everest tourists to clean up after themselves

An official from the Chinese Mountaineering Association (CMA) said that Mt Everest climbers “will now be required to carry all their waste out with...

China enacts new law to protect world’s highest mountain

China has enacted a new law designed to protect and conserve the environment surrounding the Mount Qomolangma (Mount Everest) reserve. Mount Everest, also called Mt....

Updated US Travel Advisory for China: Will China tourism officials retaliate?

Every day 8000 Chinese tourists enter the United States, and every day an average of 5000 American tourists enter China. Americans should exercise increased caution...

A proud day for CEO Deepak Raj Joshi and the Nepal...

The CEO of the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Deepak Raj Joshi is a proud man, Shradha Shrestha, the woman responsible for brand promotion is a proud woman together with the entire team of NTB. They will be getting together with many tourism stakeholders on Monday at the Rashtriya Sabha Griha city hall in Kathmandu.

China says No to Christmas, but Yes to tourism

A fascinating country to visit is China unless you're Christian and want to celebrate Christmas Chinese style. This may be a dangerous undertaken. Christians all over the world are getting ready to celebrate Christmas. Christians ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ all over the world, including in the Peoples Republic of China. 

Tibet registers 30.5-percent hike in tourist arrivals in Q1

LHASA, Tibet - Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region registered a 30.5-percent hike in tourist arrivals in the first three months of the year, introducing a promising outlook for the region's tour

Tibet expecting over 10 million tourists this year

The Tibet autonomous region is expected to receive a record 10-million-plus tourists this year, a local tourism official said on Monday.

China launches masive tourism project in Lhasa city

BEIJING, China - China on Sunday started work on a 30-billion-yuan (S$6.1-billion) tourism project in Lhasa city, state media said, as it seeks to draw more travelers to the restive Tibet region.

Rosy outlook for Tibet’s tourism industry

LHASA, Tibet - Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region reported a 23.7% hike in tourist arrivals in the first three months of this year, heralding a rosy outlook for the plateau's tourism industry i

Nepali police conducting random arrests to avoid anti-China protests

According to eTN sources in Nepal, the Nepali police in Kathmandu were out in full force yesterday, randomly arresting common Tibetans, as well as the head of the Tibetan Welfare Office, as a preventi

The roof of the world – Tibetan beauty has no equal

Tibet seems like a land in the sky. With an average height of 4,000 meters above sea level, it lures mountaineers and fascinates cultural heritage fans.

Developments in Tibet’s tourism

I. The basic situation and features in Tibetan Tourism Development 1. The basic situation

China closes troubled Tibet to foreigners

Chinese authorities have closed the troubled Tibetan region to foreign tourists, travel agents said Monday, ahead of the third anniversary of violent anti-government riots there.

China: Dalai Lama must follow tradition of reincarnation

BEIJING, China – Chinese official said Monday that exiled Dalai Lama, does not have a right to choose his successor any way he wants and must follow the historical and religious tradition of reincar

Tibet expects 15 million visitors per year

The annual number of tourists visiting the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) by the year 2015 will be more than five times the region’s current official population of less than three million, according

First Tibetan tourists travel to Taiwan

LHASA - A group of Tibetan tourists, averaging age 60, took off Friday from Lhasa, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region for Taiwan, marking the first trip of tourists from Tibet to Tai

3.3 million tourists visit Tibet this year

LHASA - Tibet received 3.3 million domestic and overseas tourists this year to July, 21.9 percent more than a year earlier, a local tourism official said Wednesday.

Tibet and Nepal team up to boost Himalayan tourism

LHASA - Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region will work closely with Nepal to boost the tourism industry in the Himalayan region, officials said Friday.

Tibet tourist numbers up 28%

LHASA - Tibet hosted 279,886 tourists in the first four months of 2010, up 28 percent year on year, after the southwest China region held a series of tourism promotion activities.

Despite restrictions Tibet sees record tourism

BEIJING — A record 4.75 million tourists visited China's Tibet in the first nine months of 2009, more than twice as many as in all of 2008, when unrest led to a ban on foreigners, state media said W

Official denies reports that Tibet will be closed to foreign tourists

BEIJING — A Chinese official on Thursday denied reports that Tibet will be closed to foreign visitors over the sensitive Oct. 1 national day period.

Tibet closed to foreign tourists ahead of anniversary

BEIJING — China has closed Tibet to foreign tourists and deployed soldiers armed with machine guns in the streets of Beijing — part of a raft of stringent security measures ahead of the 60th anniv

Yudron is a new tourism image ambassador for Tibet

LHASA - A 22-year-old Tibetan girl was chosen as the image ambassador for southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region on Saturday, after beating 25 other finalists in a four-month competition.

Tibet sets July tourist record

BEIJING — A total of 1.2 million tourists visited Tibet last month -- a record for July -- state media said Sunday, as travellers returned to the Himalayan region 17 months after deadly unrest there
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