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Sharjah’s tourist numbers up 11 percent

SHARJAH, UAE — Sharjah’s hospitality sector continued to thrive this year despite the slowdown in global financial markets as tourist arrivals and the hotel occupancy level recorded a double-digit

Wildlife trade thrives in Baghdad due to lack of government regulation

BAGHDAD – A dozen fluffy white kittens with piercing blue eyes frolic in a wire cage, perched perilously atop a pen containing two African lion cubs.

Malaysia’s tourism defies economic crisis

KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysia's travel industry is showing no signs of decline despite the global economic crisis.

Budget airlines thrive in Central Europe

They're no Steve Eisman – the American hedge fund manager who made a fortune essentially by betting on mortgage-backed securities to drop in value – but budget airlines might just end up joining h

How foreign airlines thrive as U.S. flounders

The world's largest passenger aircraft has arrived in the United States.United isn't flying it. Neither is Delta, American, Continental or any other domestic airline.