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First ANA A380 rolls-out of paint shop with unique livery

The first A380 for All Nippon Airways (ANA) has rolled out of the Airbus paint shop in Hamburg, Germany, bearing the airline’s distinctive and...

Top international countries and events at 40th SIGEP

The appointment at SIGEP 2019 already has the participation of over 20 countries scheduled

Airbus ready to roll out Pilot Cadet Training

Airbus and the French Civil Aviation University, ENAC, have obtained EASA certification for a co-developed Pilot Cadet Training Program that will be used by...

Boeing tests Dreamliner in varied weather conditions

EVERETT, Washington - Boeing's Dreamliner test airplanes, also known as ZA001 - ZA002, ZA003, ZA004, and ZA005 - are going through the rigors of varied weather conditions and other factors.

Airports testing radar that could spot birds

NEW YORK – Some of the nation's busiest airports will soon begin testing experimental radar systems designed to track flocks of birds and help pilots avoid the type of collision believed to have cri
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