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IATA: Airlines heading for a decade in the black

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) forecasts the global airline industry net profit to be $35.5 billion in 2019, slightly ahead of the $32.3...

Terror shooting in Strasbourg: 2 dead near popular tourist Christmas Market

A gunman is reportedly on the run in Strasbourg after shooting two people dead and injuring at least 11 others in a terrorist attack near the city’s celebrated Christmas market.

US must respect Pakistan legal courts

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (eTN) - It looks like Pakistani authorities have yet to decide that Osama bin Laden (OBL) was a terrorist or a hero for Pakistan.

Terror suspect surrenders to Saudi authorities

WASHINGTON - A spokesperson for the Saudi Ministry of Interior announced on Wednesday that alleged Al-Qaeda member Abdul Salam Abdulaziz Al-Faraj turned himself in to Saudi authorities.

Obama: Osama bin Laden killed by US forces

The mastermind of the worst terrorist attack on American soil is dead, U.S. President Barack Obama announced late Sunday night, almost 10 years after the attacks that killed more than 3,000 people.

Destination news: After Kampala terrorist attack, Tanzania keeps its security on...

TANZANIA, Africa (eTN) - In an apparent move to ensure that tourists visiting Tanzania are safe, the Tanzanian army said its soldiers are in full preparation to fight the Somali militant group of Al-S

Airport security experts to discuss recent attempted terrorist activity

The Airport Security Summit Middle East 2010, which will be held from February 7-10 at the Grand Millennium Hotel in Dubai, is proud to announce the latest distinguished speaker to join the expert spe

Ugandan Civil Aviation Authority introduces additional security measures

The Ugandan Civil Aviation Authority, which also managed the Entebbe International Airport, has recently followed the trend of other airports in Europe and the US and added a strengthened security mec

Statement from Pelosi on Obama review of aviation security

Speaker Nancy Pelosi released the following statement on President Obama's remarks on strengthening intelligence and aviation security in response to the attempted terrorist attack on Christmas Day:

Explosive detection technology can identify substance in latest airline bombing attempt

PETN has been confirmed as the explosive material that was used in the attempted bombing of a Northwest Airline flight bound for Detroit on Christmas Day.

Tourists flock to site where Islamic militant made last stand

Until his death in a police shoot-out last month he was South-East Asia’s most wanted man; an Islamic militant responsible for countless atrocities and hundreds of deaths.

Police chief: Terrorist infiltrated airline to carry out a “bigger attack”

JAKARTA, Indonesia — A suspect wanted in connection with hotel suicide bombings in the Indonesian capital had infiltrated the national airline in a plot to carry out a "bigger attack," the national

Three killed at gay club in Tel Aviv

Israeli police say a gunman entered a youth club for gay teens in central Tel Aviv and sprayed the interior with automatic rifle fire, killing three people.

Iranian to Steinmetz: Do you think I am terrorist?

It is a not an easy task to startle Juergen Thomas Steinmetz, eTN’s publisher. But a recent trip to Iran had him bewildered and puzzled, for a second at least.

WTTC condemns Mumbai terrorist attacks

LONDON, UK - The Members of the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) are appalled and saddened to learn of the continuing violence in Mumbai following terrorist attacks on India's commercial and fina
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