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Al Shabab terror strike kills at least 17 in Catholic and...

(eTN) - The bloodiest strike yet on Kenya this morning was perpetrated in the Northern Kenyan town of Garissa, where almost simultaneously two Christian churches were attacked by what is generally tho

Thaksin is in the same league as Bin Laden and responsible...

ETN received this letter from a known member of the Thai travel industry. ETN respects not to disclose the identity of this long-time eTN reader.

US government tightens rules for checking of no fly list

Thanks to a last-minute look by Emirates at the plane's manifest, terror suspect Faisal Shahzad's named popped up, after having been added shortly after 12:00 noon on Monday, shortly before the flight

Attempted Christmas Day terror attack condemned by Nigerian-American Muslims

A statement was issued today by the National Council of Nigerian Muslim Organizations in the United States of America (NCNMO) condemning Friday's attempted bombing of a Northwest Airline flight into D

Three killed at gay club in Tel Aviv

Israeli police say a gunman entered a youth club for gay teens in central Tel Aviv and sprayed the interior with automatic rifle fire, killing three people.

Terror tourism a new thrill for backpackers

New Delhi - When Ramgopal Varma visited the Taj after 26/11, he was accused of indulging in terror tourism. While the Bollywood director was forced

Tourism under siege in Bangkok and Mumbai

Terrorists in Mumbai and political activists in Thailand have both made it clear that if there is a sure way to publicize a cause--target tourists or tourism.

Australia issues travel advisory warns of high risks for travelers to...

In a fresh travel advisory issued on Sunday, the Australian government's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has warmed of "high risks" of terror attacks on domestic and international flights in

Turkey’s brand under attack

ISTANBUL, Turkey (eTN) - The shootout near the US consulate here yesterday is another obstacle in the country's long journey to be perceived as a safe tourism destination.

80 killed, 150 wounded in Jaipur blasts

JAIPUR - Terror struck yet again β€” this time in Jaipur, at the busiest market, at the busiest hour, aimed with chilling precision to kill, maim, terrify and cleave the country. At last count, the toll was 80 killed, and with over 150 injured, it could go up.

Terror tourism? What terror tourism?

A Jerusalem Post opinion piece that attempts to rebut a series of stories on "terror tourism," has at least one major problem: one of the rotating advertisements next to the piece, is, in fact, for a terrorism tour of Israel. Oops.

Indian travel agents keep tourists away

Srinagar - Projection of Kashmir as a violence hit tourist destination allegedly by the tour operators from Indian states is hampering the influx of tourists to the Valley.β€œIt is really awful, the travel agents from other states are tarnishing Kashmir image by projecting it as violence hit region,” a tourism official who is posted in New Delhi told Rising Kashmir over phone.