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Heathrow welcomes 80 millions passengers over twelve-month period

As Heathrow today reaches an historic milestone, the airport has announced that it will pay to achieve ‘settled status’ for EU colleagues responsible for...

Abu Dhabi International Airport Becomes First Transport Hub to Harvest Energy...

Abu Dhabi International Airport has officially announced the launch of an interactive walkway which converts the footsteps of travelers into off-grid electricity and data.

Continental Airlines to move operations to Terminal B at Orlando airport

HOUSTON - Continental Airlines today announced that it will move its Orlando operations from Terminal A to Terminal B at Orlando International Airport (MCO), beginning Wednesday, Sept. 22.

A cruise liner for Cape Town?

Without a multi-use cruise liner terminal, Cape Town is losing out on millions of rands in tourism revenue, say consultants appointed by the City of Cape Town to advise on a cruise liner strategy befo

Ports of call worth avoiding

For cruise critic Anne Campbell, one particular moment during a snorkeling excursion on a Mexican cruise stands out as testimony to mass cruise tourism's toll on the authentic travel experience.
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