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Kuala Lumpur: walkways will be the alternative to taxis

KUALA LUMPUR (eTN) - “Amanah, jujur, mesr,a and bersopan.” These are four adjectives displayed in the back windows inside of Kuala Lumpur’s (KL) taxis.

Seoul introduces eco-friendly hybrid taxis

The newly-introduced hybrid taxi in Seoul is a hybrid vehicle powered by a Liquefied Petroleum Injection (LPI) engine that was first developed in Korea.

Taxies designed for foreign tourists set to run in 2009

A taxi exclusively designed for foreign tourists will debut on the streets of Seoul in the first half of next year.

Tourist taxi war on cards in Calangute

CALANGUTE: In a battle to protect their turf, the tourist taxi owners of Calangute on Tuesday took out a rally in the village asking non-Calangute re

Big Brother is riding around in Milan’s taxis

MILAN – Big Brother is riding around in Milan’s taxis.