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Airbnb fights back after opponents circulate fake news

Opponents and those competing with Airbnb are hotels, resorts, and community activists. Are these opponents now in the business of producing fake news, fake...

IATA: Airlines heading for a decade in the black

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) forecasts the global airline industry net profit to be $35.5 billion in 2019, slightly ahead of the $32.3...

Live like a local in Nassau, Bahamas

Travel destination - the Bahamas - is a Caribbean archipelago located off the coast of Florida with a long history of colonization.

Delta Air Lines carried 15.5 million passengers in ‘record’ November 2018

Delta Air Lines today reported operating performance for November 2018. The company carried 15.5 million customers across its broad global network, a record for...

Virgin Atlantic will not pass new UK tax onto passengers

Virgin Atlantic has made the decision not to pass on what it calls an “unfair retrospective” increase to passengers in the form of Britain’s Air Passenger Duty, according to a letter by CEO Stev

Maldives new tourism tax comes into effect

The New Year has potentially ushered in a new era for the Maldives’ lucrative holiday market as a Tourism Goods and Services Tax today comes into effect placing an additional charge of 3.5 per cent

Venice to introduce tourist ticket

Venice mayor said that it is time for the city to introduce a "tourist ticket" for its roughly 20 million visitors a year in order to help the historic island city's finances.

Yes Prime Minister, great tourism speech, but what about Sir Humphrey’s...

Outstanding support from UK Prime Minister David Cameron this week, stressing the importance of tourism’s export and domestic financial contribution, as well as its huge link with mega sporting even

German Airline Association opposes fuel tax

FRANKFURT - The German Airline Association, or BDF, said Monday it is against a tax on kerosene as an alternative to the planned air travel tax, thereby denying a report in German daily Handelsblatt's

Los Angeles may implement new hotel fee

Hotel owners in Los Angeles are pushing a plan to add a new fee to hotel bills that would generate more money to promote the city as a worldwide tourist destination.

Rome slated to become more expensive in 2011

As Americans chose Italy as their number one international vacation destination, Rome is sure to top their lists of must-see cities.

IATA lashes out about new German tax on air transport

(eTN) - It sounds like a bad joke or some kind of unwilling irony.

IATA condemns German plans to impose air travel tax

Airline industry body IATA lashed out at German plans to impose an air travel tax while Europe's aviation industry is struggling to make a profit amid a weak economic environment.

On your next trip to Miami you may be paying for...

Aiming to raise public dollars to improve their privately-owned stadium, the Miami Dolphins and team backers have hatched a plan: get state legislators to lift the ceiling on Miami-Dade's hotel tax an

What goes around comes around for visitors to Argentina

If you live in a country that charges the Argentines before they enter your cuontry, as a foreign visitor to Argentina, you will have to pay a reciprocity tax when arriving in their country at Ezeiza

Chew Choon Seng: ‘Green tax’ risk to travel

Travelers from Singapore to London will have to pay as much as 100 pounds (S$229) more per round trip compared to someone flying a shorter distance if Britain increases its departure tax next year as

Alaska AG: Cruise passenger tax legal

JUNEAU - Alaska has a strong case to defend itself in the cruise ship industry's lawsuit on a passenger tax, according to the state attorney general.

Tax on cruise ships causing concern in Kenya

Nairobi — Fears have gripped the tourism industry over the planned Value Added Tax that is to be introduced on cruise ships calling at the port of Mombasa with stakeholders calling on the government

AG will “vigorously defend” Alaska’s cruise ship passenger head tax

Attorney General Dan Sullivan is promising to "vigorously defend" Alaska's cruise ship passenger head tax being challenged by the cruise ship industry.

Foreign tourists tax refund law passed in Indonesia

Foreign tourists visiting Indonesia can apply for a tax refund when buying goods here next year, according to the newly endorsed law on value added tax and luxury tax.

New York City hotel service fee tax update

ASTA today issued a clarification to a portion of last week’s member alert on the recently-implemented New York City hotel service fee tax. The revised portion of the alert followds.

Hotel resellers: New York’s guidance on new tax is “incomplete, incoherent...

When New York’s new tax on hotel room remarketers went into effect on Sept.

Tax on travel agents for NYC hotel sales begins Sept. 1

Despite continuing efforts by ASTA, ASTA members, and its allies to have it rescinded, it now appears that the recently-enacted new tax on travel agency service fees related to hotel sales for hotels

Prime Minister Netanyahu stops VAT on tourism to Israel

Prime Minister Netanyahu announced the cancellation of plans to impose a 16.5 percent VAT on the purchase of foreign tourist services in Israel, as raised by the budgetary department of the Treasury a
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