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0 tarmac delays of over 3 hours in October

NAPA, Calif. - Today newly released data from Department of Transportation clearly demonstrates significant success for the DOT's 3 hour tarmac rule, enacted April 29, 2010.

United Airlines investigated over delayed flights

US regulators have said they will have to decide whether to fine United Airlines for leaving passengers in idling planes for more than three hours.

US Aviation news: Tarmac delays fell 86% as new rule took...

U.S. airline flights stuck for at least three hours on airport tarmacs fell 86 percent in May, the first full month of a rule that subjects carriers to fines for such delays.

Being stuck on plane vs. canceled flight – which is worse,...

U.S. airline passengers face more flight cancellations as carriers led by Delta Air Lines Inc. and Southwest Airlines Co.

Airlines requests for exemption to the tarmac delay rules rejected by...

The Department of Transportation (DOT) announced it will not approve requests, from five airlines, for a temporary exemption to the tarmac delay rules.

ATA: With new tarmac rule, misery index for passengers will definitely...

DALLAS — New government rules make it less likely that you'll be stranded for hours on the ground inside an airplane this summer.But could you be grounded for days instead?

Airlines warn that they will cancel flights rather than risk big...

At least two airlines are already sending flights back to the gate if they're caught in tarmac delays approaching three hours, the cut-off point for new fines that take effect on April 29.

American joins Delta, JetBlue, requests exemption on tarmac rule

A third airline is requesting to be exempt from a new federal rule that limits the time passengers can be held sitting in a plane on the runway due to construction at a local airport.

Airlines threaten to start canceling flights in response to new tarmac...

Airlines are pushing back against new rules that give fliers more rights.