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Five airline passengers injured in Russian airport airstair collapse

Five people were injured as the airstair collapsed while passengers were boarding a flight from the Siberian city of Barnaul to Moscow. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-X7py_oDhc CCTV camera...

Officially open: Ilan and Asaf Ramon Airport in Israel

Ilan and Asaf Ramon International Airport in Israel opened on January 21, 2019.

Montreal Convention: United Airlines must pay 250 freezing stranded passengers $5700...

United Airlines is speechless. The Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules for International Carriage by Air, also known as the Montreal Convention may cost United...

250 United Airlines passengers taken hostage in freezing temperature by Canadian...

Are Americans are no longer welcome in Labrador, Canada? The Canadian Government has shown how a bureaucratic interpretation can create an international incident. Instead of...

No drone collision with British Airways jet at Heathrow

Drone collides with passenger jet at London's Heathrow Airport.

Hannover Airport on lockdown, flights suspended after car-ramming attack

Germany's Hannover Airport has been shut down by German police, who were sweeping security areas after a man rammed through a gate in a...

Most stressful US airports this Christmas named

To help empower travelers to make more informed decisions when it comes to holiday travel, travel experts reveal which airports to possibly avoid. • Experts predict...

The 10 commandments of air travel

Delays, cancellations and destroyed travel plans: 2018 has been one of the worst years in terms of flight disruptions.

Qatar Airways hits the tarmac running

UGANDA (eTN) - When QR 536, an Airbus A320 in a two-class configuration with the latest in-flight entertainment equipment and OnAir Internet connectivity on board, landed at Entebbe International Airp

United Airlines flight 937 keeps passengers stuck on tarmac 7 Hours

NAPA, Calif. - The following is a statement by Kate Hanni, founder FlyersRights.org:

3 Hour Rule for tarmac strandings is working

NAPA, CA - According to the latest data, last year in June there were 268 tarmac delays of over 3 hours. This year in June there were 3.

Airport news: US tarmac delays plunge from 268 to 3

Airline flights stuck on tarmacs for more than three hours fell to three in June, the second month of a rule that fines carriers for such delays, from 268 a year ago, according to a U.S. report.

New road to Kisoro in Uganda may be breaking up before...

The long-awaited new tarmac road connecting the two southwestern Ugandan towns of Kabale and Kisoro is reportedly already developing cracks before it is even handed over by the contractors to the gove

Hanni objects to JFK tarmac exemption

Before the law regarding tarmac delays has actually gone into effect, Delta and JetBlue are complaining that they should not be penalized at John F.

Stranded snowstorm victims spend 8 Hours on Atlanta’s tarmac

Having your flight cancelled because of the snowstorm is bad enough, but imagine having to sit helpless and strapped in, on the tarmac, for as long as 8 hours beforehand.

Transportation Department concedes “we screwed up”

NAPA, CA - Flyersrights.org, formerly Coalition for an Airline Passengers' Bill of Rights, has discovered that airlines aren't accurately reporting, and that the Department of Transportation isn't acc
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