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Honduras lures international visitors with new tourism campaign

The Honduras Institute of Tourism (IHT) announced today its newest tourism campaign that showcases the broad diversity of the country and all it offers...

Benchmark to eliminate single use plastics from all 80 hotels

"I want to say one word to you. Just one word… Plastics.” Those immortal lines from The Graduate, an iconic film released in 1967,...

Tourism takes aim at unused holiday leave

The prospect of being left a note on your desk telling you to go on holiday is very real as a taxpayer-funded marketing campaign begins this week encouraging people to take their 123 million days of a

Montana tourism officials targeting motorcyclists

Montana is warming up to motorcyclists. The state Department of Transportation has put up a new Web site that suggests 10 of the best motorcycle rides in the state and at the same time dishes out a dose of advice for coming back from a ride with leathers intact.
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