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Virgin Atlantic plans direct flights between London and Dar es Salaam

LONDON, England — Virgin Atlantic is considering government proposal for the British airline to operate direct flights between London and Dar es Salaam to serve thousands of tourists and other trave

Air Tanzania lease reports reveal irregularities

(eTN) - The Tanzanian Auditor General unearthed in annual reports a number of irregularities over the lease of an Airbus A320 by Air Tanzania (ATCL) in 2007.

Modernization of Tanzania airport on course for May opening

(eTN) - A regular aviation source in Dar es Salaam has confirmed that the airport of Tanzania’s Lake Victoria township of Bukoba, located on the western shores of the lake, and administrative capita

Emirates reacts fast to British Airways withdrawal in Tanzania

(eTN) - While many in Tanzania are still struggling to come to terms with the announced withdrawal of British Airways (BA) from the skies over Dar es Salaam – the airline last week confirmed their

British Airways set to pull out of Dar es Salaam

(eTN) - Information was just confirmed from a regular aviation source in Dar es Salaam, that British Airways (BA) appears set to leave Tanzania’s commercial capital come March this year.

Bad luck haunts Air Tanzania on return to the skies

(eTN) - Information is emerging from Dar es Salaam, that embattled Air Tanzania, upon taking to the skies once again last Friday, has suffered a setback on the maiden flight to Kigoma.

Pilots’ representative told to get facts right or shut up

(eTN) - It took less than a day for Precision Air, Tanzania’s leading airline, to respond to a range of allegations made by the Secretary General of the association of Tanzanian pilots, who took aim

Tanzania air service in for changes

(eTN) - At the recently-concluded World Routes meeting in Abu Dhabi, senior staff of new kid on the block, FastJet, told the media that their first route will be from Dar es Salaam to Nairobi, and is

Air Tanzania set to return to the skies

(eTN) - Air Tanzania’s Acting Chief Executive, Captain Milton Lazaro, yesterday announced in Dar es Salaam that the airline would resume operations with their leased B737-500 this Friday, now that t

Qatar Airways opens new route in Tanzania and lands at premier...

TANZANIA (eTN) - Four months after announcing a plan to fly to northern Tanzania, Qatar Airways has opened a new route in Tanzania and made its first landing Wednesday morning, signaling the launching

Kenya Airways eyes northern Tanzania tourist circuit

Kenya Airways and Qatar Airways are looking to further expand their flight services to Tanzania with an introduction of scheduled flights to Tanzania’s northern tourist circuit effective July of thi

Tanzania Civil Aviation licensing meeting set for May

(eTN) - The Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority’s licensing committee will meet in May to consider a number of new and renewal applications, aimed to add extra capacity into the market and uphold comp

2011 ends with less air accidents in Tanzania

(eTN) - A source close to the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority has confirmed that the recently-ended year of 2011 saw less civil air accidents in spite of more flying being recorded compared to the y

Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority admits wide-ranging challenges

(eTN) - The Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) has earlier in the week acknowledged that operational constraints across the country’s airports, aerodromes, and airfields are a major challenge

Tanzania’s privately-owned airline extended wings to South Africa

DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania (eTN) - Looking to attract tourists from South Africa, Tanzania's first privately-owned airline, Precision Air, has extended its schedule flights to cover southern African reg

South African Airways cut airfares to attract more tourists to Tanzania

DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania (eTN) - In a friendly gesture to mark fifty years of Tanzania's independence from Britain, South African Airways (SAA) has announced to cut down air fare for travelers from the

Another revival for Air Tanzania

(eTN) - "Not again" was the tenor of aviation observers in Tanzania, when news emerged from the parliamentary session in Dodoma, that government was once more pumping money into the airline to pay for

Precision Air outlines fleet development plans

(eTN) - Tanzania’s leading airline, Precision Air, outlined their plans for the next 5 years in regard to additional aircraft acquisition.

Aviation news: Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority decries loss of air traffic

(eTN) - The annual report by the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) showed a worrying trend for the year 2009, when a nearly 15 percent drop of aircraft movements was recorded from domestic, reg

Looming fuel shortage in Tanzania

(eTN) - Information received described a worrying trend of a looming fuel shortage in Tanzania due to few new supplies being landed and processed in Dar es Salaam’s port.