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Precision Air’s financial troubles go into public domain

(eTN) - Troubling financial details are emerging from Dar es Salaam over the financial status of Precision Air, Tanzania’s only publicly-quoted airline company on the Dar Stock Exchange, with major

Precision Air targeted by smear campaign?

(eTN) - There are growing indications that the breaking news story yesterday morning in Tanzania’s Daily News about the alleged ban of Precision Air by Zanzibari authorities is both a fluke as well

Air Tanzania lease reports reveal irregularities

(eTN) - The Tanzanian Auditor General unearthed in annual reports a number of irregularities over the lease of an Airbus A320 by Air Tanzania (ATCL) in 2007.

Air Tanzania risks to lose head office over debt claims

(eTN) - Information has come to light that the head office building of Air Tanzania (ATCL) is currently being assessed as to its value following an order by the Tanzania High Court over an outstanding

Tanzania air service in for changes

(eTN) - At the recently-concluded World Routes meeting in Abu Dhabi, senior staff of new kid on the block, FastJet, told the media that their first route will be from Dar es Salaam to Nairobi, and is

National Air Transport Forum set for Dar es Salaam meeting

(eTN) - Tanzania’s aviation sector is set to convene in Dar es Salaam on Wednesday and Thursday this week to discuss opportunities and constraints for the airline industry, bringing an estimated 200

Air Tanzania’s plans for self maintenance raises serious safety concerns

An announcement earlier in the week by financially-crippled Air Tanzania that they were intending to maintain their presently single aircraft, a Bombardier Q300, at their home base in Dar es Salaam, h

TCAA ends Swissport monopoly

(eTN) - After years of arguments and heated exchanges between airlines and the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority, a decision has finally come down to end the unsustainable monopoly at the country’s

Aviation observers claim payment of AirTanzania debts has tilted the market

(eTN) - Air Tanzania (ATCL) has finally received a new AOC – Air Operator’s Certification – from the Tanzanian Civil Aviation Authority, after the previous permit had lapsed following the suspen

Tanzania Transport Minister defends funding for ailing Air Tanzania

(eTN) - At the launch of "Transport Week" on Wednesday this week, part of the ongoing preparations and celebrations of Tanzania’s 50th independence anniversary has the Minister for Transport, Mr.

Tanzania’s privately-owned airline extended wings to South Africa

DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania (eTN) - Looking to attract tourists from South Africa, Tanzania's first privately-owned airline, Precision Air, has extended its schedule flights to cover southern African reg

South African Airways cut airfares to attract more tourists to Tanzania

DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania (eTN) - In a friendly gesture to mark fifty years of Tanzania's independence from Britain, South African Airways (SAA) has announced to cut down air fare for travelers from the

Air Tanzania on the ground as last plane goes for maintenance

(eTN) - Sources in Dar es Salaam have confirmed that the erstwhile national airline’s (Air Tanzania, ATCL) last operational plane, a Bombardier Q300, was sent for heavy maintenance to South Africa,

Unions demand sacking of Air Tanzania management

(eTN) - The Communications and Transport Workers Union in Tanzania has, following a series of negative headlines and scandals, also demanded from government to sack the "inept" management of Air Tanza