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Air China unveils plans to take control of a smaller carrier

HONG KONG - Air China Ltd. unveiled plans to take control of Shenzhen Airlines Co.

Air France-KLM chosen to bid for Czech Airlines

PRAGUE - Air France-KLM and the Czech consortium Unimex-Travel Service were picked by Czech government Monday as candidates to take over state-owned Czech airlines, officials said.

Greek-based company joins forces with Longstock, Portugal to take over SkyEurope...

SAPO International SA, based in Athens-Greece and represented by its chairman Mr. Georges Samaha, and Longstock Financial Group, based in Lisbon-Portugal and represented by its president Mr.

Lufthansa is to take over British airline BMI – fuelling an...

The airline will take an 80% share of the UK company by buying the 50% owned by BMI chairman Sir Michael Bishop for £318 million.