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WTTC yearly summit: how important is thee?

The World Travel & Tourism Summit’s (WTTC) yearly Global Travel & Tourism Summit, by pure coincidence, has become the ideal platform to discuss global travel and tourism’s most important subject o

Iranians warned about new wave of swine flu

An Iranian health official has warned about a new wave of swine flu across the country in the spring with predicted A-H1N1 virus mutation.

How resilient was tourism in 2009?

The tourism industry worldwide began 2009 well prepared for a bumpy ride. The days of confused and panicked reactions to risk and crises are gradually fading into the past.

New year, new beginnings?

The dawn of a new year almost always means hopes for a better year than the year that has just passed.

Swine flu concerns hurt Saudi’s tourist revenues

JEDDAH - Saudi Arabia, which has already seen a sharp decline in the number of religious tourists over the first nine months of this year, is facing a difficult Haj season as it announced the deaths o

Mexico Spending $90M on celeb ad campaign for tourism

If the rich, famous and pretty are returning to Mexico's beaches now that officials say the swine flu epidemic is waning, won't everyone else?

Castro: Cuba’s swine flu ‘from US tourists’

Cuba's former leader, Fidel Castro, has blamed the growth in swine flu on an increase in US visitors to the island.

Will travel industry catch swine flu?

The U.S. Centers For Disease Control and Prevention is reporting the H1N1 virus is now "widespread" in 46 of 50 states. Numerous schools have been closed and public events canceled as a result.

Will Mexico recuperate from the tourism crash?

Statements made by an official with Mexico’s National Migration Institute (INM) this week confirmed the depth of his country’s tourism crisis.

Rwanda’s tourism not affected by swine flu

Kigali — Despite the current internal outbreak of the Influenza A H1N1, also known as Swine Flu, officials from the Rwanda Development Board-Tourism and Conservation office, yesterday assured touris

Gulf travelers fear the swine flu and stay at home

According to airline officials and industry data, Gulf residents stayed home in greater numbers this summer due to fears over the H1N1 “swine flu” pandemic and the global recession.

French tourist dies of swine flu in Greece

ATHENS — Greek authorities say a French tourist has died of swine flu - the country's second death from the virus.

Airlines: It’s all about making people feel safe when they fly

After a briefing Tuesday on the Swine Flu, President Barack Obama said the government will strongly recommend that Americans get a Swine Flu vaccine, but it won't be mandatory.

Russia contains H1N1 virus as its global spread continues

According to the World Health Organisation, Russia is still in the category of “countries not yet hit” by the swine flu pandemic.

Travelers get ready: Swine flu might be back

Was it an abundance of caution or downright panic that led a White House panel to suggest a second wave of swine flu could kill up to 90,000 Americans?

New Zealand: Asian tourist numbers well down

An ongoing surge in Australian tourist numbers caused visitor arrivals to increase slightly in July but visitor numbers from Asia are still well down, according to Statistics New Zealand data.

H1N1 not affecting India’s travel industry

Business and leisure travel in India shows no signs of being adversely hit by H1N1. Business houses say that although they are being careful, they have no plans as yet to curtail their travel.

Skal proactive on Influenza A

As Influenza A continues to be a challenge for mankind, Skål International has joined forces with Johnson Diversey to develop a website dedicated for Skål members and the tourism Industry with the l

Swine flu hits “Ruby Princess” in Greek port

The Princess Cruises ship the "Ruby Princess" was inspected for swine flu when it stopped in Greece on the request of the cruise line.

Passengers traffic for Asian legacy carriers collapse

The release of half-year results for Asia Pacific Airlines Association (AAPA), which comprises 16 major airlines in the region, has seen a dramatic decrease in traffic in June.

Is it time to rethink Bali’s response to H1N1?

Bali's transparency and aggressive steps to thwart the spread of "swine flu" or the H1N1 Virus are worthy of praise.

UK airlines stop H1N1 victims from boarding planes

LONDON, England - British airlines have put into effect measures to stop people with swine flu boarding flights in a bid to prevent the virus from spreading further.

Tourists cancel trips to Argentina as swine flu deaths reach 137

Travelers are cancelling trips to Argentina over the swine flu pandemic, which has killed at least 137 people since June, making it the worst hit country after the United States (211 deaths).

THAI suffers from swine flu scare

Chang Mai, Thailand (eTN) - According to the latest breaking news of the Bangkok Post newspaper, Thai Airways International faces a sharp fall in passenger numbers from eastern Asia because of the Inf

Muslim Hajj season threatened by swine flu

Two Hajj pilgrims from Iran have contracted the H1N1 virus, according to reports from the country's official news agency.
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