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French tourist survives epic drop into the Grand Canyon

The 18-year-old Gallic globe-trotter was taking photographs of the Grand Canyon, when he slipped and fell over the edge, the National Park Service explained in a statement.

ACE Aviation Holdings Inc: Air Canada will survive

Air Canada's parent company ACE Aviation Holdings Inc said that the troubled airline would survive.

Tourist clung to Ghan train for two hours

A young American tourist has survived a terrifying train ride in which he clung to the outside of the legendary Ghan in the freezing dark as it hit speeds up to 110km/h in the South Australian Outback

Tourist falls from St. Pete Beach hotel balcony

ST. PETE BEACH — He wanted to show a woman afraid of heights that it was safe to lean over a sixth-floor hotel balcony.

A Turkish Airlines plane has crashed on landing at Amsterdam’s Schiphol...

Turkish plane crash in Amsterdam A Turkish Airlines plane has crashed on landing at Amsterdam's Schiphol international airport, killing nine people and injuring 84, six critically.

Sudan to upgrade tourism facilities after animals survive war

Southern Sudan plans to upgrade its tourist facilities after aerial surveys showed that millions of animals, including 8,000 elephants, in two wildlife reserves survived the nation's 21-year civil war