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And yet another airline surcharge – the holiday travel fee

The three largest US carriers - United airlines, Delta Air Lines, and American Airlines - have added a US$10 surcharge to fares on the weekends after the US Thanksgiving and New Year’s holidays.

Bangkok Airways reduces fuel surcharge rates for 2009

BANGKOK – Bangkok Airways announced today that it is reducing its current fuel surcharge tariff on its international and domestic flights according to the current world’s oil price and to boost th

SriLankan Airlines removes fuel surcharge from most fares

SriLankan Airlines will be removing its present fuel surcharge on fares throughout almost its entire route network effective from January 1, 2009 in order to pass on the benefits of reduced fuel price

MSC Cruises ends fuel surcharge beginning with April 2009 sailings

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - MSC Cruises has eliminated the fuel surcharge for all its cruises departing on or after April 1, 2009.

Bangkok Airways dumps fuel surcharge more

BANGKOK – Bangkok Airways (PG) will reduce around 10 percent more on fuel surcharge tariff on its domestic flights and up to 30 percent on international flights to align with the fall of the world

Lufthansa lowers fuel surcharge for its flights

As crude oil and kerosene prices have decreased, Lufthansa will reduce its fuel surcharge on its flights.

Bangkok Airways to cut fuel surcharge

BANGKOK – Bangkok Airways (PG) will reduce 15% on its current fuel surcharge tariff on its international and domestic flights, effective from October 9.

Northwest Airlines adds $80 fuel surcharge

MINNEAPOLIS - Northwest Airlines Corp. confirmed on Thursday that it will add fuel surcharges of up to $80 for many domestic round-trip tickets.

SriLankan Airlines tackles impact of high fuel prices

SriLankan Airlines is moving swiftly to minimize the impact of skyrocketing fuel prices with a series of decisive actions throughout the airline.

Our cruise was sunk by £892 surcharge

Cash-strapped Brits eager to escape the depressing economic headlines are being hit by the menace of surcharges right where it hurts most - on their well-earned getaway.

go! institutes first checked bag surcharge

HONOLULU, Hawaii - go!

Fuel surcharges hit Delta’s frequent flier program

Delta informed their beloved frequent fliers yesterday that effective August 15, all flights booked with SkyMiles will carry up to a $50 fuel surcharge.

New airline surcharge – a bag too far?

No one has to tell the nation's beleaguered airlines that they have an image problem. So why has American Airlines decided to charge already unhappy passengers $15 each way for a single checked bag, as it announced Wednesday? "Desperate times beget desperate measures, and this is in the Hail Mary category," says Rick Seaney, CEO of consumer airline ticket research site Farecompare.com.

Disney Cruise Line adopts fuel surcharge

TALLAHASSEE - Disney Cruise Line said Monday it will begin charging passengers to offset soaring fuel costs, joining every other major operator in the cruise industry.

Airline fuel surcharge inconsistencies exposed

SYDNEY - A survey of airline fuel surcharges between Australia and the UK has unveiled significant inconsistencies.The disparity between the world's major airlines is so great that Australian flyers have been warned by the nation's largest travel agency Flight Centre to ensure they take the surcharges into account before deciding which airline to use.

Adventure tourism firm charges clients for its CO2

Some tourists in New Zealand are happy to pay extra to cover their carbon footprints.Tourism company Footprint Adventures is getting its customers to pay a carbon emission surcharge for each of its boutique tours.Company director Robert Thomas told the Herald that domestic and overseas tourists were responding well to the first week of being charged extra for their carbon footprints.