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Emirates airline still believes in superjumbo

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Emirates, the biggest customer for Airbus' A380 "superjumbo," said Sunday it recently outlined a range of reliability issues about the double-decker plane but still has

Emirates to be first airline to bring A380 to the US

Emirates, the biggest customer for the Airbus A380 superjumbo, will operate its first flight with the plane from Dubai to New York on August 1, it was announced yesterday.The A380 service will operate alongside the carrier's two existing daily flights to New York before taking over one of them after August 3, Emirates said in a statement.

New A380 delays could impact SIA, airline says

SINGAPORE - Delays announced on Tuesday in delivery of the Airbus A380 could have an impact on Singapore Airlines (SIA), the first carrier to fly the superjumbo, SIA said.SIA has already received four of the planes and a fifth is expected to be delivered by early July, an SIA spokesman said.