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Got a dollar for suicide?

Suicide is no laughing matter. I know this.

Indian minister charged after airline employee commits suicide

A former employee of now defunct MDLR airline allegedly committed suicide in her north-west Delhi residence, with police today registering a case against a Haryana minister, who is the owner, on charg

English-speaking tourist jumps to his death from Eiffel tower

Security was stepped up around the Eiffel Tower today after an English-speaking man climbed to the top and then jumped to his death.

Asiana Airlines crash may have been a suicide

New details about one of the pilots of the Asiana cargo plane that crashed into the sea off Jeju Island last week have raised questions of whether the Boeing 747 was brought down intentionally.

Uganda bombing suspects nabbed

KAMPALA, Uganda (eTN) - Security operatives arrested several suspects and conspirators thought to be responsible for or connected to the bombings in Kampala while the World Cup Final was going on last

Switzerland’s justice minister to combat “death tourism”

Since 1942, Switzerland has been the only place in the world where non residents can go and legally find help to end their life.

Tourist plunges to death from Eiffel Tower

A teenage tourist hurled herself to her death from the Eiffel Tower in Paris and crashed on to the roof of a packed restaurant 180 feet below.