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Sudan Airways loss of Heathrow slots prompts uproar in Khartoum

(eTN) - Sudanese regime leader Bashir was quoted in local media reports in Khartoum, demanding the slots previously held by Sudan Airways at London’s Heathrow airport to be either returned to the ai

Airbus sued in USA over Sudan Airways crash

Information was received from sources in Khartoum that several families of victims of the Sudan Airways crash, while landing in the Sudanese capital a year ago, have filed suit in the United States, n

Sudan crash airline is grounded

Sudan's national airline has been banned from flying for a month for failing to comply with aviation rules. Sudan Airways has been told that it will not be allowed...

Sudan Airways thrown a lifeline

Information just received from Khartoum and Juba indicates that following apparently extreme political pressure on the aviation ministry’s regulatory department, the Khartoum government has now give

Sudan grounds its national airline

KHARTOUM — Sudan has grounded its national carrier Sudan Airways from Monday because it says the airline does not meet international standards, a civil aviation official said on Sunday.

African aviation laments air crashes

KAMPALA, Uganda (eTN) - Eastern African aviation had another bad day yesterday when a light aircraft crashed in Kenya with a minister and an assistant minister on board, while in Khartoum an A310 of Sudan Airways crashed and exploded on landing killing scores of people on board.Kenyan Roads Minister Kipkalya Kones and Home Affairs Assistant Minister