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Holiday Travel using U.S. airports: The best and the worst

U.S. airlines carried 72.3 million passengers in December 2017, a new all-time high, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS).

US travelers brace for major storm due to slam the south-central...

Heavy snow, ice, rain and thunderstorms will hit travel hard across the south-central United States from Friday to Saturday.

Forecast: Multiple storms between Christmas and New Year

State College, Pa. - The week between Christmas and New Year's Day will feature multiple storms across the nation, some with snow, some with rain and many with both.

More than 40 die during violent storms in US Southeast

According to the National Weather Service and reports coming in from affected states, more than 40 people were killed from violent storms raging across the US Southeast.

Violent storms slash through the US Midwest

(eTN) - Nearly 400 reports of violent storms ripped through the US Midwest and Southeast states last night. In Iowa state alone, 27 tornados were reported.

Winter storms continue to botch travel in the US northeast and...

A winter storm warning is once again in effect for the US northeast and mid-Atlantic on Thursday and Friday. Heavy snowfall is expected during this period, with estimates at 10 to 20 inches.

US winter storms continue to cause flight delays and cancellations

More winter weather is headed to the mid-Atlantic, midwest, and northeast, bringing even more snow to the already deluged areas.

Southwest cancels hundreds of flights due to storms

Southwest Airlines says it has canceled hundreds of flights in Southern California and Arizona due to heavy rains and strong winds.

Midwest winter storms bring snow, sleet, freezing rain, and altered travel...

As many as 21 states are under some type of winter weather watch, warning, or advisory in what appears to be a repeat of the Midwest blizzard that struck December 8-9.

It may officially be spring, but winter storms are still affecting...

The National Weather Service has issued winter storm warnings for Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, and Washington state through Friday or Saturday.

Winter storms pummeling east coast of US

Winter storms are again pummeling the east coast of the United States.

Winter storms will affect flights across the United States

Snow, sleet, rain, thunderstorms, ice, hail, and strong winds - this is the weather forecast for most places across the continental United States.

Winter storms beating the US

Winter storms are hammering the US causing numerous flight delays and cancellations.

Despite storms, Cuba expects tourism to grow

HAVANA—Cuba expects tourism to increase 13 percent this year despite destruction from hurricanes Gustav and Ike, which damaged colonial and coastal towns, and hit picturesque hideaways in the tobacc

Maritimers’ anger boils over at airline

ST. JOHN'S, N.L. - Anger with airline service in Newfoundland revved up a notch this week with a call from the mayor of St. John's for a public inquiry into Air Canada's service. Andy Wells says Transport Canada should investigate the airline after complaints from travellers caught in storms during the Christmas holidays about delayed flights and missing baggage.
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