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Drunk British tourists steal penguin from Australian park

Three British tourists have been accused of stealing a penguin from an Australian marine park, during a night of revelry.

Iraq demands Israel return stolen ancient Torah scroll

Iraq's Tourism Ministry is calling on Israel to return an ancient Torah scroll that was illegally smuggled out of the country.

Update 1: Minister retracts claim that police had recovered van Gogh

CAIRO – Egypt's culture minister on Saturday retracted his claim that police had recovered a van Gogh painting stolen from a Cairo museum, saying it was based on inaccurate information and that the

”Some low-life tourist has taken it, it’s a bloody disgrace”

The sign identifying the most northerly tip of mainland Australia has disappeared and tourists are being blamed.

Couple sentenced in airline vouchers scandal

A former Bexar County bailiff and an ex-employee of Southwest Airlines were sentenced Thursday to 2 1/2 years in prison for a scandal in which more than 5,000 stolen airline vouchers were sold at the

3000 blank British passports hijacked

LONDON - Hijackers made off with boxes of blank British passports worth a fortune on the black market in a raid on a delivery van, police said Tuesday, in the latest blow to the government's record on