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Rising oil prices send Asian airline stocks into tailspin

HONG KONG - Airline stocks tumbled across the region on Tuesday as turmoil in the Middle East lifted crude oil prices.Korean Air Line Co Ltd led losers, dropping more than 9 percent.

Cruise stocks tank

New York - Shares of the world's largest cruise operators fell sharply on Wednesday on concerns about demand in Europe and on a drop in the broader stock market.

US Airways and United said to be in merger talks

NEW YORK – United Airlines and US Airways are in merger talks that could lead to the creation of one of the world's largest airlines, The New York Times reported on Wednesday.

Stocks in South American airlines rally

Brazilian stocks gained Thursday, breaking with declines in Mexico and Chile, as airline operators TAM Sa and GOL Linhas Aereas rallied.

Hotel stocks suffer as travelers cut back

NEW YORK — As the term "staycation" gained traction in the American lexicon, hotel stocks plunged in 2008 as both consumers and businesses cut back on travel spending.

Merrill to buy 19 million shares of US Airways

NEW YORK - US Airways said Thursday that Merrill Lynch has agreed to buy 19 million of the airline's shares in a new public offering.

Airlines have lost much of their market value

That's rarely been truer than right now, as most U.S. airline stocks are on a long slide and the best ones are measured by how little they've lost in value.