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Victoria Falls World Heritage status under threat

The governments of Zambia and Zimbabwe are in a mad scramble to complete a document to be given to UNESCO on the Victoria Falls World Heritage Site.

Heritage status of Lamu under threat

Shrinking fresh water levels in the wells and boreholes that serve the wider community in Lamu and which are also used to provide fresh water to the hotels and resorts, are causing concern for residen

Malindi Airport not due for international status

The Kenya Airports Authority recently put to rest rumors started by Malindi politicians, that the airport was due for international status and a new facility was due to be built at a new site not too

25% boom in China tourists to B.C. expected if approved destination...

VANCOUVER — Chinese tourism to British Columbia could grow 25 per cent a year now that Canada has finally become an approved destination for Chinese tourists.

Checking into the perks of airline elite status can really pay...

Here's a neat trick we stumbled on: If you have elite status on one airline, others might temporarily match the perks.