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Trans-Atlantic tourism stalled by bumpy European economic recovery and battered currency

A bumpy European economic recovery and battered currency have helped stall European tourism to North America especially the Caribbean and Mexico, though Canada is faring better, tourism experts say.

Chinese migrants may flee Tibet as tourism stalls

LHASA, China - A year after Tibetan rioters set parts of Lhasa ablaze, aiming their fury at migrants from elsewhere in China, the mountain city is divided between migrants looking to flee and locals s

FAA predicts stalling airline demand for FY2008

The latest FAA Aerospace Forecast proves once again how quickly fortunes can change in the U.S. airline industry. A year ago, the FAA's prognosticators foresaw healthy growth in airline demand in Fiscal 2008. Now they believe domestic traffic growth will sputter almost to a standstill as weakening market conditions hit home.