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Minister: Domestic unrest, turmoil in Syria do not affect tourism in...

BEIRUT, Lebanon - Lebanon's tourism minister said the crucial summer tourism season would not be badly damaged by growing domestic unrest and turmoil in neighbouring Syria, and forecast revenues this

Drug trafficking greatest threat to Latin American countries today

Costa Rica and El Salvador, two countries highly affected by drug-related violence in recent years, have urged the United Nations to help fight drug cartels and organized crime, and called on Member S

Egypt’s tourism industry longs for stability

The weekend's attack on protesters in Abbassiya is the latest setback for the country's tourism sector.

UN calls on Lebanon and Israel to consolidate stability

Lebanon’s paralysis over forming a government has prevented progress in implementing some of its key obligations in the United Nations resolution that ended the fighting between Israel and Hizbollah

Advisory by US Dept. of State cites stability in Kurdistan region...

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) today lauded the US Department of State's updated guidelines for travel to Iraq, affirming the relative safety and security of the Kurdistan region.