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UNWTO international Summit on Tourism, Sport and Mega-events

South Africa will host the first ever UNWTO Summit on Tourism, Sport and Mega-events at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg from February 24-26, 2010.

In a golden year for sport, Bit launches Bit Sportland

A new themed area at Bit 2010 will be dedicated to three great outdoor sports: golf, cycling, and the mountains.

More controversy over hunting in Uganda

Recent reports sent to this correspondent speak of yet more hunting permits to be given by the Uganda Wildlife Authority, this time in the northeastern Karamoja region, where such reserves as Pian Upe

South Africa to host UNWTO inaugural summit on tourism, sport, and...

At a global level, the Travel & Tourism (T&T) sector has emerged as one of the 21st century’s critical drivers of economic growth, job creation, and development of communities, regions, and nations.

African Travel Association to host 2nd annual US-Africa Seminar

New York, NY — As part of its effort to build the premier Africa tourism seminar in the United States, the Africa Travel Association (ATA) announced today that it will host the second edition of its

Hesperia Hotels announces opening of Hesperia Sagrada Familia Sport and Spa...

The 4-star Hesperia Sagrada Familia Sport & Spa Hotel will be the first hotel of the group to feature rooms designed with a sport and health concept.