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Virgin Galactic passenger spaceship: Enter at your own risk

Enter at your own risk - or so should read a sign on the door of every passenger spaceship in the future.

Russia to end space tourism

Well, it looks like Charles Simonyi might have to wait a while for a third trip, because space tourism is going on hiatus.

First East African space tourist set for take off

East African business tycoon, Ashish Thakkar, set to be blasted into space just as soon as the galactic space ship of Virgin has been cleared for public flight, has collected the flags of Uganda, Keny

First commercial weightless flight blasts off

ZERO-G is a rare opportunity that only a select few have experienced calling it amazing and life-changing.

Commercial travel to outer space a reality by 2012

The latest trend in eco-tourism is completely out of this world ... and right around the corner.

Space hotel to open to tourists in 2012

The first hotel in space will be open for business and accepting tourists by 2012 after an anonymous billionaire space enthusiast granted $3billion to finance the project.

Launching Hawaii tourism from the sand to the stars

Hawaii won't win the race to become the first state with space tourism, but in a new twist, it probably will be the first place where travelers can use the planes for real transportation.

Cirque confirms Laliberte to be first Canadian space tourist

QUEBEC - Cirque du Soleil confirmed Wednesday that its founder, Quebec billionaire Guy Laliberte, will expand his horizons by exploring outer space this fall.

Virgin sees space tourism as just the beginning

LONDON - Long-haul trips could be made in spaceships instead of planes in 20 years' time if Virgin's efforts to commercialise space travel succeed, the president of Virgin Galactic told Reuters in an

Virgin looks beyond space tourism

For most of the general public, not to mention many people within the space industry itself, suborbital spaceflight has become synonymous with a single market, space tourism.

Honeymoons in space ‘by end of century’

Newlyweds will be able to spend their honeymoon in hotels in space by the end of this century because air travel will develop so rapidly, industry experts have predicted.

Toronto future space traveler joins Skal Toronto

Stephanie Anevich, executive vice president of Vision 2000 Travel Group, was inducted into the Toronto Skål International Club this week at the meeting held at the National Club.

Tourist: Entrepreneurs need access to space center

STAR CITY, Russia — Government space agencies like NASA, Roscosmos and others need to give private entrepreneurs broader access to the orbiting station and encourage private space travel, the latest

Latest space tourist gets his money’s worth

CAPE CANAVERAL — The world's latest space tourist, a computer game wizard and astronaut's son who paid $30 million to fly to the space station, said Monday from orbit that he's gotten his money's wo

Charles Simonyi to become world’s first repeat space tourist

Not content with his first astronautic experience, Ex-Microsofter billionaire Charles Simonyi is now training for a second trip to the International Space Station in Spring 2009.

Grounded space tourist wants $21 million refund

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida - A Japanese businessman who trained for a 10-day flight aboard the International Space Station has sued to get his money back, claiming he was defrauded of $21 million by the

Google co-founder to become space tourist

NEW YORK — One of the cofounders of Internet giant Google, Sergey Brin, has booked a flight to space aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket for 2011, The New York Times reported Wednesday. Virginia-based Space Adventures, which arranges space flights for ultrawealthy clients, plans to buy a private Soyuz flight in 2011, and Brin is a new investor in the company, the report said.

Space tourist to take custom photos of Earth

Space tourist-to-be Richard Garriott is taking requests for what may be the ultimate orbital postcards from the international space station.
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