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What’s the motive for attacking Kenya?

Attacking the travel and tourism industry is the modus operandi by almost every terror group in the world. Tourism is a fragile industry and...

Global Tourism Resilience Center offers assistance for Kenya

The official opening for the Global Tourism Resilience Center is planned on January 20, and the center is busy already reaching out to Kenya. In...

Nairobi Dusit2 terror attack: 21 dead, 700 rescued and many heroes

700 people could have died in the attack in Nairobi but didn't because of security measures in place and the immediate and effective response...

African Tourism Board: Kenya tourism resilience is an example to the...

The African Tourism Board strongly condemned the terror attack that occurred today at the luxury Dusit Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya.

Turkish Airlines and social media phenomenon have taken off for Somalia

Turkish Airlines, flying to more countries than any other airline in the world, this time has taken off for an important journey in the...

Tourism returns as Somali piracy drops 40 percent

Piracy off the coast of Somalia has reduced by 40 per cent since the deployment of Kenya forces in the country, spurring tourism growth in the region.

Al Shabab sympathizers suspected to have caused carnage

Kenya’s determination to pursue Al Shabab terrorists deep into Somalia and joining AMISOM, the United Nations and African Union peace-keeping mission in that war-torn country, has, in spite of visib

Turkish Airlines launches Istanbul-Mogadishu flight

The first major commercial airline flight into Somalia's volatile capital in more than 20 years has touched down safely.

“Jihadi tourism” booming in Somalia

As international destinations go, Somalia has been off-the-charts for more than two decades.

Consensus builds on total embargo on Somalia and no-fly zone

(eTN) - The news that two plane loads of weaponry and ammunition being offloaded yesterday at the airport of Baidoa in Al Shabab-controlled parts of Somalia has sent a further message to the powers in

Security Council calls for regional cooperation to fight Somali piracy

The Security Council renewed its call today for tougher anti-piracy measures in Somalia and the wider region, urging all countries to adopt laws and cooperate with international organizations to accel

Second kidnapping of tourist shocks Kenya’s tourism sector

A range of sources in Mombasa and Nairobi report that a second tourist kidnapping has taken place, this time at the Manda Bay Resort near Lamu.

UN: Horn of Africa food crisis remains dire

The United Nations agricultural agency today called for greater efforts bring the food crisis in the Horn of Africa under control, saying that famine conditions had spread to a sixth area in Somalia,

UN calls for more aid at world’s biggest refugee camp

The United Nations humanitarian chief earlier this week toured the world's largest refugee camp, telling residents of Dadaab in north-eastern Kenya that the international community must do more to hel

UN declares famine in three more areas of Somalia

The United Nations today declared a famine in three more areas in drought-ravaged Somalia, bringing to five the number of regions in the Horn of Africa country where acute malnutrition and starvation

UN steps up efforts to bring urgent relief to millions in...

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) said today it will start airlifts within days to get vital supplies into Somalia, which is bearing the brunt of the humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Afr

UN declares famine in two regions of Somalia

The United Nations today declared a famine in two regions of southern Somalia owing to the worst drought in decades, and appealed for urgent resources to assist millions of people in desperate need of

Ban: Comprehensive global response to piracy off Somalia needed

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called for a comprehensive response to maritime piracy off the coast of Somalia, saying the menace is a consequence of the overall insecurity, lack of a stable nati

UN launches new anti-piracy plan

The United Nations today launched an action plan to combat piracy off the Somali coast, calling for greater support from national navies to fight a “global menace” that threatens not only internat

Union condemns beating of 2 journalists by government officials

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) strongly condemns today an action by Somali Transitional Federal government soldiers and officials who have beaten two journalists

8 dead in suicide attack on Mogadishu airport

At least eight people have been killed in bomb blasts at the main airport in Mogadishu, the Somali capital, witnesses have said.

Somalia government points to Al Qaeda-linked Al Shabab in hotel suicide...

NAIROBI, Kenya - At least 32 people, including 6 legislators from the country's western-funded parliament, were killed on Tuesday, August 24, 2010 in a suicide bombing at a hotel near Somalia's presid

African Union strengthens resolve on Somalia

KAMPALA, Uganda - Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Jean-Paul Adam, has welcomed the call by the African Union to strengthen its role in ensuring stability in the state of Somalia.

Tourism news: Uganda considers more troops for Somalia

(eTN) - The African Union mission in Somalia, presently short of the envisaged 8,100 troops, may soon see up to 2,000 more Ugandan personnel arrive, according to the latest reports released in Kampala

AU mission in Somalia likely to be main theme of African...

Kampala - The African Union summit opens in Kampala on July 19 amid heightened security following twin bomb attacks a week earlier.
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