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VistaJet’s newest in-flight service is nothing to “wine” about

VistaJet announced today the launch of The VistaJet Wine Program,

Sofia ranked as Europe’s cheapest tourist city

A US daily has reminded that Sofia ranks as Europe's cheapest tourist city.

eCommerceAcademy.net launches Trends and Innovation Travel Distribution and Investment Summit

Following the success of the November conference, this summit will focus on the future trends in travel and how the Internet challenges the travel and tourism industry.

Message from the Sofia congress chairman

Richard Lohento, chairman of the upcoming

140 Bulgarians vow to sue Easy Jet

The 140 Bulgarians, who were stuck in Bucharest for two days after the low-cost UK airline Easy Jet brought them there instead of Sofia, have vowed to sue the air company.

Bulgaria’s airports maintain double-digit growth

Passenger demand at Bulgaria’s three main international airports has almost tripled since 2000 with double-digit growth achieved every year.
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