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Connect With The Locals And Add More To Your Travel

Social media and technology plays a great role when it comes to connecting people. It has indeed brought the world closer. When it’s about...

Which brands rank high in travel loyalty?

Consumer expectations increase annually on average by 25%. Which airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and credit card companies rank high on the loyalty scale? "Trust...

Power of People proves popular for upcoming BestCities Global Forum in...

Leaders will hold talks, workshops, and programs while also learning about the region and culture of Latin America at the BestCities Global Forum to be held in Bogota.

Philippines struggling to boost its tourism

The Philippines has hundreds of tropical beaches, some of the world's best dive sites, ancient rice terraces and a unique culture that mixes Asian, Spanish and American influences.

Latest news on the Indian Ocean available on Facebook

British High Commissioners in Seychelles and Mauritius, Matthew Forbes and Nick Leake, launched a new Facebook Group, www.facebook.com/ukinindianoceannetwork , covering Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagasc

Dethroning Facebook

Is the demise of Facebook inevitable?

“7 Golden Rules” revealed by study of royal romances

LONDON, England - Kate Middleton's met her prince. Want to meet your own?

If you post a hotel review, can you get arrrested for...

It has become commonplace in recent years for travelers and patrons to post reviews about merchants on the Internet exercising what they believe are constitutionally protected "free speech rights" tha

Social networking is one of the most powerful forces driving travel...

Big online travel sites like Travelocity and Expedia, as well as user-review juggernaut TripAdvisor, are relying on social networking to deliver travelers to their sites.

Tourism Australia launches new international campaign

Tourism Australia has launched its latest international marketing campaign and it is certainly a change from "Where the bloody hell are you?"

Social media marketing initiative announced by Mexico’s Tourism Board and Quepasa

Quepasa Corporation Quepasa.com, one of the world's fastest-growing Latino social networks, today announced that it will be collaborating with Mexico's Tourism Board -- officially known as the Consejo

Australian tourism “boosted” by social networking

The increasing popularity of social networking and blogging sites such as Facebook and Twitter is reportedly having a beneficial effect on the tourism industry in Australia.
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