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Ultra-light plane from Slovenia set’s out on round-the-world journey

From Slovenia, a Central European country at the juncture of the Alps and the Mediterranean, on January 8 2012, the Virus SW ultra-light plane has set out on a two-month journey around the world.

The battle for the prestigious Sejalec awards

For almost a decade, the Slovenian Tourist Board has been systematically promoting and awarding creative and innovative tourist achievements.

Slovenia thrives with double-digit increase

The Slovenia Tourist Board has said that in comparison to last year’s figures, September 2011 increased by 13 percent more tourist arrivals and 10 percent more overnight stays were registered in tou

Slovenia tourism: Slowly but surely

Four percent in tourist arrivals is not much of an increase given how competitive the current global travel and tourism market is, especially with the ongoing global economic downturn.

Slovenia slowly on pace to become a top tourists destination

Based on the new figures released by the Slovenia Tourist Board, the Balkan country of Slovenia is slowly but surely becoming a favorite destination for tourists.